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Direct Networking

Networking can really help you connect with people who can aid your business and you can benefit theirs in return. If you are a small business you will see a marked improvement in referrals by joining a local networking group such as BNI, your local Chamber of Commerce, etc. If you would like to host your own networking group, here are a few ideas:

* Host a small monthly luncheon. * Invite 1 individual from each avenue of business (Insurance, Real Estate, etc.) that you desire to connect with. Eat with different business owners each month or rotate. * Discuss ways you could aid each other (referrals, joined events, etc). * Choose a locally owned restaurant to meet each month. This is a great way to connect with local restaurants.

Buzzbloom can assist you in connecting with companies. Call today at 479-633-7075 or 479-200-6588 or email

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