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Outsourcing Your Social Media Management vs. Keeping It In House

Let's face it, as an employer myself with an employee staff, there are times it makes sense to have them complete tasks in house versus outsource. When it comes to social media marketing and management, unless you have multiple people in the know on running your social media marketing, I highly recommend outsourcing and here's a few reasons why:

  1. Social Media Changes - the social media realm is always changing. There are many changes that affect businesses promoting on these platforms.

  2. Employee Turnover - if the employee responsible for your business social media leaves your company it can leave you scrambling for access to your social media accounts and finding someone in house with the knowledge to pick up and run with it again.

  3. Overall Knowledge - just as our business is not specialized in say accounting, yours may not be specialized in social media. This can leave your ad money vulnerable and leave you spinning your wheels trying to connect with your customers and potential clients.

We would love to assess what your current social media plans are and make recommendations to help your business bloom! Call us today at (479)200-6588 or email


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