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Are you a member of a credible networking group to help advance your business? Buzzbloom is! We are a member of a BNI group in Northwest Arkansas. It has been one of the best decisions we made for our business. When we were first invited and heard about the policies and fees to join, we were at first unsure. Was this going to be profitable for our business? What about the time we will spend networking opposed to "working"? Is there enough time to go around?

Here's what we discovered:


The fee associated with joining was $495 for the year. We recouped that within the first 2 months of joining and are receiving consistent monthly business now. Along with this, we have been able to help other businesses in our group grow. That means so much to us.

Business Knowledge Growth

Our general business knowledge has grown leaps and bounds. Like many entrepreneurs, when you start a business you learn what you need to know on a step by step basis. One can't possibly know everything needed right off the bat! When you surround yourself with people you admire, you rise to the level expected and you grow.

Time Committment

Our group meets once a week for 1 1/2 hours. We have made the commitment to be a part of our group and know the value in being present. We make it a priority!


The business connections we have made have been a blessing. These connections have promoted Buzzbloom far beyond what we could have done on our own. Cold calling, door to door sales, these may be necessary from time to time, however, we do a lot less of them now that we are plugged into a great group of business owners who want to see us succeed and that we can support the same way.

Visit a networking group in your area. See what's out there. If you are in an area with a BNI group, I highly recommend you start there. BNI offers a very structured networking program with wonderful values. Go make some connections!

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